The Building Blocks of Social Media Marketing

Being the social media junkie that I am, I’m always searching for tips in creating the best social media marketing strategy. I like knowing current trends and how I can implement them in my own line of work. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last year or so while working for a nonprofit and their marketing and development department, it’s that you have to have a strong strategic game plan.

I was recently browsing Google Plus for social media updates in the social media market and came across an article written by StrongSocial  that I was personally able to connect with based on my own learning experience:

8 Essential Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Without a plan it’s just ‘social media’. But with the right plan, it becomes social media marketing with the intention to create online brand awareness and target potential customers for small businesses and organizations.

When I was hired for my current job in October 2013, there was no set plan for their online marketing. It had been set to the side and put on the back burner for when someone could get to it at their earliest convenience. I basically created a social media marketing plan from scratch. Too often companies and businesses fail to realize the power in a good social media marketing plan. There’s so much that can be done to increase brand awareness and target social influencers with a good SMM plan.

I spent the first several months simply doing research and looking at the social media marketing market and its current trends. Needless to say I had to learn fast and gather what I could along the way.  I’ve learned quite a bit about the social media market through research and good ‘ol trial and error.

The article written by StrongSocial couldn’t have described my experience any better. Every tip they’ve listed; I’ve implemented in some way or another in my current job. These are even tips I’ve included as part of a social media manual I’ve been putting together for the whole agency.

I felt the need to share this because these are basic tips that lead to a good foundation for a great SMM strategy. For me these were my personal building blocks. This is what PopKultur3 Marketing is about; helping small businesses and organizations to understand the basic foundation of a good plan so that we can create campaigns that will increase brand awareness, online presence, and help create connections with potential customers and social influencers.

It’s easy to say that without a strategic plan, it’s just “social media.” However, with the right plan, social media, becomes social media marketing, with the intention to create online brand awareness and connect with potential customers who then become social influencers for your brand!

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‘Classy Holiday’ Edition with Groove Suite

Please come out and enjoy the Holiday edition of Groove Suite on December 19th at Duke’s Place in Downtown Jacksonville. Check out the video below to get you in the perfect mood for a little pre-holiday celebration with Mister Peterson’s Neighborhood.

 $5 entry fee and cocktail dress attire is requested.

For more information contact Al Pete at


New Services Available for PopKultur3

PopKultur3 will now offer contract work for social media management and marketing. Anyone seeking help with branding their business please feel free to contact PopKultur3 for more details and pricing.

 Via email:

or Alex McClain at

PopKultur3 specializes in the following areas of Social Media & Online Marketing:

  • Helping companies to establish their brand’s online presence
  • Content Management of social media platforms ( Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  • Blogging ( Blogger, WordPress)
  • Creating graphics to be used for online marketing
  • Online marketing for special events, parties and fundraisers
  • Help setting up social media platforms ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.)
  • Creating a strategic online marketing plan
  • Workshops and trainings available for employees on social media management and marketing
  • Helping increase online presence of established company or small business
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Social Media Analytics (Monitoring statistics of online accounts)
  • Helping create website content
  • Creating company logos
  • Marketing materials for special events, parties and fundraisers

These services can be offered as individual services or as package deals depending on the company’s needs after initial consulting. Prices may vary after initial consulting.

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Benefit Night at BlackFinn for The Arc Jacksonville

1800117_743938602361164_6777901381524265387_oJoin me tomorrow night at BlackFinn AmeriPub for The Arc Jacksonville’s benefit night. For $10 you’ll enjoy 2 happy hour drinks and appetizers. It’s a deal you can’t beat and it’s for a great cause. A portion of the proceeds will go to The Arc Jacksonville. The Arc Jacksonville provides programs and services for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

No need to RSVP, the event begins at5:30pm. For more information please visit the Facebook event page

This is a great opportunity to network and learn more about The Arc Jacksonville’s 5k run coming December 6th. Running of The Bulls will take place downtown in Hemming Plaza, where runners  will be chased by Jacksonville Roller derby girls. For more information and to register to purchase your ticket please visit:  or visit:

Please come out and support! Hope to see you there.

#UNselfie Challenge for The Arc Jacksonville

I support The Arc Jacksonville because I want to make a difference for the I/DD Community.  #GivingTuesday

I support The Arc Jacksonville because I want to make a difference for the I/DD Community. #GivingTuesday

I just took the #UNselfie challenge for The Arc Jacksonville. Will you take it next?! As part of their #GivingTuesday Campaign, they’re encouraging people to create a sign that explains why you support The Arc Jacksonville.

The Arc Jacksonville is a nonprofit that provides services & programs for adults with intellectual and developmental (I/DD) disabilities.

“I support The Arc Jacksonville because I want to make a difference for the I/DD Community.”

Will you take the #UNselfie challenge next?? Send your picture to Alex McClain at and your #UNselfie picture could be featured on The Arc Jacksonville’s Facebook page.

For more information about The Arc Jacksonville and their #GivingTuesday Campaign please visit their Facebook page or website at


Entreprenuers Bringing ‘LIYF’ to The City

Her business began with Scrabble pieces and random buttons. In the front of her store sits the very Scrabble board from which she used the pieces to start her own unique jewelry line; the rest is history.

Onyx Seven is a local entrepreneur and store owner of LIYF Clothing and Accessories. LIYF originally started off as ‘Locs in Ya Face’, which later became LIYF when Onyx and a friend realized “LIYF” could be pronounced as “life.”


Onyx then went on to create the idea of 360 degrees of LIYF. A full circle completes life, which is the basis of what LIYF is all about. The store’s motto is “Entrepreneurs bringing LIYF to the city.” Onyx wants her store to be a place where local businesses and entrepreneurs can unite and work with each other.

“We have to unite to sustain life,” she said. Through uniting she hopes entrepreneurs and artists can give back to the community and help each other grow in their own artistic and business endeavors.

LIYF Clothing and Accessories is anything but typical. The store is located at 2870 University Blvd. W Suite 203, and although it may be small, it’s a welcoming environment full of life. Every wall bares some form of artistic expression; from a vibrant blue ankh mural to a twisted underwater fantasy fairy tale. Every item in the store is handmade, up cycled or created by a local artist or entrepreneur. Everything in the store is for sale; including unique hand painted furniture.
When you enter into the store, it’s like taking a trip back in time; popular tunes from past decades like the 80s are on heavy rotation along with classic VHS movies playing throughout the day.

collage 1 LIYF

“I wanted to bring back the innocence of life before the digital age,” said Onyx. She has an entire room in the store where vintage vinyl records line the walls from top to bottom. This music room is dedicated to her dad who passed away in 2009.
When her father died, she kept his vinyl records collection. He had an extensive collection ranging from Sheila E to New Edition, Stevie Wonder and Tina Marie. Those records now line the walls where her father’s legacy of music still lives on today. “It was one of the first rooms I worked on and finished,” she said.

LIYF is the home to several local talents. Some of its sellers include: Pheonix, who has painted one of the murals that graces the wall, along with a hand painted earring collection; Karmen Mims of “Crowned” who crochets hats, beanies and other custom orders; Goose Game Clothing by Skinny and NuLeaf Products are available for sale along with Decyology by Mary Tucker. This list is only a small portion of the talents on display at LIYF Clothing and Accessories and Onyx hopes that her store will continue to be home to many more local talents.

“I want to create a place where artists and entrepreneurs can come and not be criticized about the uniqueness of their talent,” said Onyx. Rarely does she turn someone away who wants to sell in her store.

She has intentionally created LIYF Clothing and Accessories to be an environment reflective of her own personality. It’s very creative, laid back and relaxed environment. She hopes this helps welcome more people to experience what LIYF has to offer. Onyx hopes LIYF is able to bring out the best in people who visit.

“Inside everyone is their authentic self,” she said. LIYF is a brand open to everyone.


LIYF Store Owner Onyx Seven

Onyx recently celebrated the grand opening of LIFY Clothing and Accessories on September 6th. The grand opening welcomed local artist and entrepreneurs to come and set up tents to network with other artists and entrepreneurs and sale their products.

Ultimately Onyx hopes to see LIYF Clothing and Accessories expand to a warehouse. A larger space would give her more room for vendors and bigger project ideas such as art galleries.
Since LIYF Clothing and Accessories has been open, Onyx has gotten positive feedback from the community.
“I’m overwhelmed by the support I’ve gotten from others,” she said.

collage Vertical 3 LIYF

Top to bottom: LIYF music room, LIYF wall mural, hand painted stool


For more information about LIYF Clothing and Accessories please be sure to visit their Facebook page. They also have some items available for sale online at:

Every Sunday LIYF hosts a Paint Day for children and their families. Please see their Facebook page for more details on how you can participate and even donate material and supplies needed for this community event.