Locs in Ya Face Soft Opening August 2nd

This weekend is the soft opening for Locs in Ya Face (LIYF) Clothing and Accessories. August 2nd, 2014

From 11:30am-7:30pm meet and greet the sellers of LIYF Clothing and Accessories.

10530920_10154449680555085_2656438144671831358_nCome out, shop, relax and discover what LIYF is all about.

A special shout out goes to Onyx Seven who has really been working hard to get things going for LIYF. I’ve been seeing her post on her Facebook page and the LIYF page and I give her kudos for her hustle and dedication. I imagine it has not been easy by far. I’m excited to see what the  journey has in store for her with her new business. Congrats!

So please make sure to come out and show your love and support this weekend for LIYF!!

For more info please visit the Locsinyaface Facebook Page




Spread the Word and be Active

This post is an official “call to action” post. I need help from all my readers and supporters. While it’s nice to have avid readers and supporters, it’s even better to have ACTIVE readers and supporters. Readers who will not only read things I post, but also actively share those same post with others.

I’m asking that once a week, please spread the word about PopKultur3 and all that it has to offer.It’s not enough to create quality content  if no one is sharing your content with their own circle of friends and family members. So take the next step and I encourage you to become an active reader by spreading the word about PopKultur3.

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A Night of Poetry hosted by Breaking Free of RLCM

Restoration at Life Changing Ministries  Spoken Word  ministry, “Breaking Free” will be back at it again. We’re preparing for our second show on August 3rd and we’re excited about round 2. Our last show in April went well and we’re hoping this show will be just as big of a blessing. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to prep for he show.

Official event flyer

Official event flyer


The event is still $5 and a can good. The show will begin at 6:00pm but the doors will be open at 5:45pm. You must be 18 and older to attend. Dr. Smothers will be returning as our featured host.  Our musical guests will include Kiddz Church along with Dez & The Future.

Please spread the word and hope to see you there!


TUNE IN! July 17th

Tune in to the PopKultur3 Facebook page tomorrow at 1:00pm for a special offer for small businesses and entrepreneurs. If you’re interested in spreading the word about your business or services, you DON’T want to miss this announcement.

Visit: Facebook.com/PopKultur3


Like, Share and Connect

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Life’s Experiences

Do not take for granted any experiences you have. Even those hard and unexpected moments come to teach us something new about life. I saw this post from another blogger I follow on WordPress and felt that this post would be a great way to start off the week.

Please take the time to read the post below and allow it to be something that keeps you inspired for the rest of the week.

Nai’s Vision: “love-journey-needs-and-no-coincidences”


Blogger Jenai from “Nai’s Vision”



Shopping Adventures at Nordstrom rack

Nordstrom rack in St. John’s Town Center

I know it’s probably fairly old news, but last night was my first visit to  Nordstrom rack in the St. John’s Town Center. Let’s just say, I was slightly disappointed. Although it had a lot to offer, it was very over priced. To me the store felt like an overpriced Ross. The clothes were nice, I liked the styles they had to offer, but the material the clothes were made out of was not of good quality compared to what the price they were asking for.

Even on their “clearance” rack, things were overpriced. I’m sorry, but marking something down from $80.00 to $38 is still not a bargain for me. (Especially if said item is a dress shirt.) I could be spoiled because of my thrifting habits and being able to search for quality clothes and get the best deal possible. I personally feel like everything on a clearance rack should be $20 and under. I also think working in retail spoiled me as well. I’ve experienced having to put out merchandise and know it wasn’t worth the price tag. If I can find the same body-con skirt in Wet Seal, Forever 21 and Charlotte Rouse, I am not about to pay $20 for it in a department store because of the “name.” I also think that their shoes and accessories happen to be a little overpriced as well.

Nothing in their store struck me as exciting. I was hoping to find more quality and exclusive pieces. I can honestly say, I may have went into the store with the wrong impression of what Nordstrom rack was all about. The clothes aren’t overly expensive, but they aren’t  cheap either. However in some cases, their prices are reasonable; it depends on the item.  But if you’re a shopper like me who’s more concerned with quality than prices and likes having the best of both worlds, then you probably won’t be too impressed. I obviously wasn’t.

I think you have to go in there with a mission and know what you’re looking for and what your price limit is. As I mentioned earlier, some things I will admit probably are a bargain. A friend of mine bought a pair of tortoise shell rimmed, Ray Ban shades originally $130.00 for $70. In that case, I can’t deny that that’s a deal. But I also know, I could easily go to outlets in St. Augustine and probably find decent, if not better deals as well.I think part of it is that I’ve just made up in my mind that there’s a certain price I’m willing to pay for different things. This price can differ depending on the quality of how the piece is made.

I will say, I didn’t walk out the store empty handed. ( Of course not) I bought a shirt that came up to $20.30 with tax. But, you can believe I debated on it for at least 30-45 minutes. I actually saw the shirt, loved it and decided to take a  visit to another store before I returned to Nordstorm rack to officially purchase it. I can be a hard shopper. There are times I have to be absolutely in love with a piece before I decide to buy it. I had tried on several other pieces in the fitting room before I even narrowed it down to the one shirt, and the shirt was the last item I happened to pick up.

originally $38.00, Nordstrom Racks Price: $18.97

originally $38.00, Nordstrom Racks Price: $18.97

Please don’t take my post to be bashing Nordstrom racks. The store is legit, however I’m coming from the perspective of an avid bargain and thrifting shopper. In many ways, my perspective could be skewed. Some people will visit Nordstrom and love it, others may not. At the end of it all, my post is still simply my opinion. If you haven’t been to the store, I would encourage you to check it out. It’s still worth the trip for any fashionista.

#HappyShopping <3






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